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NR 7 ex exSMTB 7 ex exSMTB VII

  • Status:
    broken up
    1910-SMTB VII, Built 110 ton coastal torpedoboat #23 Bergudi Yard of Danubius Shipyard & Machine Works Co. Ltd. Fiume/Bergudi HU
    D:1,50m Disp:131,5t MP:2400 LE
    Lenght between perpendiculars:44,20 m
    Beam:4,30 m
    Draft:1,50 m
    Displacement:131,5 t
    Output of main engine:2400 LE
    Number of passengers:20 person
    1910-SMTB VII, Austro-Hungarian I&R Navy Pola AH
    1912-from March on, stationed in Sebenico.
    1913-was assigned to marine engineer school
    1913.03.08-during a training drill her stern was ramed by SMTB VIII, only slightly damaged.
    1914-stationed in Pola, at Lussin in August, then in Pola again from September.
    1917.11.02-scatter flyers on the Italian coast.
    1917.12.11-during minesweeping off Cape Salvore collided with SMTB 37. Damaged. Repaired in Pola.
    1918.-stationed inTrieste in October.
    1920-Italian war prize, in service of Guardia Finanza (Customs Authority)