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ikonTechnical details
  • 1846-KISFALUDY, Balaton S. S. Co. Ltd., Balatonfüred, HU
    Her 40 HP steam engine was ordered from the Penn Factory in England. Sections of the ship were transported to Balatonfüred by road where the ship was then completed (riveted). (The Balatonfüred Yard was not existant at that time). She was launched on 21.09.1846., the 55th birthday of the "Greatest Hungarian" graf Istvan Széchenyi, who initiated steam shipping on the Lake Balaton.
    1847-regular service started in the spring and this was when the FÜRED and KESZTHELY the two barges capable for carrying goods were completed.
    1869-her wooden hull was replaced to iron,
    1887-out of service.
  • Built1846, Óbuda Shipyard of DDSG, Budapest/Óbuda, HU
    Length overall:32,00 m
    Extrem breadth:11,00 m
    Beam:4,88 m
    Depth:2,74 m
    Main engine type:Penn compaund steam engine
    Output of main engine:40 LE
    Rebuilt1869, Hungaro-Belgian Machine & Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., Budapest/Újpest, HU
    Wooden hull replaced with iron hull, original boiler and steam engine remains
    Length overall:30,00 m
    Extrem breadth:12,00 m
    Beam:5,50 m
    Depth:2,20 m
    Draft:1,40 m
    Main engine type:Penn compaund gőzgép
    Output of main engine:40 LE