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  • Status:
    1959-KRASNOYARSK, Built 737/A (ARKADIY GAYDAR) class, riverine side wheeler pasenger steamer #18 Óbuda Shipyard Budapest/Óbuda HU
    L:72,8m B:15,2m D:1,2m Disp:542t MP:520 LE
    Length overall:72,8 m
    Lenght between perpendiculars:69,6 m
    Extrem breadth:15,2 m
    Beam:8,6 m
    Fixpoint height:10,8 m
    Draft:1,2 m
    Displacement:542 t
    Main engine type:triplex gőzgép
    Output of main engine:520 LE
    Stillwater speed:19 km/h
    1993-KRASNOYARSK, Lenskoe Rechnoe Parahodstvo, Yakutsk, RU
    1996-KRASNOYARSK, Verhie-Lenskoe Rechnoe Parahodstvo, Kirensk, RU
    2008-withdrawn from service.
    2014-after restoration, the steamer "Krasnoyarsk" owned by JSC "Kirensk Fleet" departed from Kirensk to Yakutsk. The ship was purchased by "Lenastimbot." The steamer will be cruising on the Yakutsk -Lenskie poles. It is the only surviving authentic steamboats.