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  • Status:
    broken up
    1908-NOVI, Built SENJ (2.) class single screw sea-going passenger steamer STT-Stabilimento Tecnico Triestino Trieste A
    L:48,28m B:6,55m D:2,99m MP:650 LE
    Length overall:48,28 m
    Extrem breadth:6,55 m
    Depth:3,11 m
    Draft:2,99 m
    Main engine type:triplex steam engine
    Output of main engine:650 LE
    Stillwater speed:11 knot
    1916-in war service, used as the Army's transportship between Cattaro and Antivari
    1917-07.28. - taken over by the Navy and used as an escort ship at Pola.
    1918-02.26.- rearmed and transferred to the counter-submarine flottilla.
    1923-POLA, Soc. Anon. di Nav. Marittima Costeira, Fiume, IT
    1928-new superstructure, converted to oil combustion,
    1932-POLA, Compagnia "Adriatica" di Navigazione, Venezia, IT
    1937-POLA, Soc. Fiumana di Nav., Cittavechia, IT
    1940-POLA, Regia Marina, IT
    1943-17.09.: seized by Royal Navy at Famagusta.
    1946-POLA, Soc. Eolia, Venezia, IT
    1952-LORENZO MARCELLO, Soc. Azionaria Industrie Marittime, Venezia, IT
    1956-broken up at Napoli.
    Further sister ships: ISTRIA and NESAZIO of Istria-Trieste Nav. Co.